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If Moat, or its contractors break an appointment without giving the resident reasonable notice (two working days) and a new appointment is not available within seven working days, the resident can claim a one-off payment of £20.

We have checked with the Customer Service Centre and this policy remains unchanged - therefore the offer of £20 compensation for a missed appointment does not only apply to Mears. It is a Moat policy for Moat residents; therefore it applies to Moat staff and all of its contractors.

The costs of missed appointments are proving to be very high - hence the need for this policy.  Please remember that if YOU fail to keep an appointment Moat may recharge YOU £20. 



Several residents have asked the question “If I have a key safe, does this affect my contents insurance policy?”

We have raised this issue with the Royal who provide such cover for residents of Moat and they have assured us that in the event that a burglary takes place, where there is damage to the key safe you are properly covered.

Where your contents cover is supplied by another insurer, we advise that you contact them direct and ask the question. I have approached my insurers and they have given me the same answer as the Royal - if the key safe is damaged to gain entry the cover is safe.

The contents cover provided by Moat through the Royal includes glass
replacement in windows and replacement of sanitary fittings. These items can prove to be very expensive and you should ensure that you are properly protected.











































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